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Introducing the 2020 Back to School Planner!

Stop Stressing Over Back to School!

The 2020 Back to School Planner has everything you need to organize your schedule, plan out your menu, get those lunchboxes lined out, do your back to school clothing shopping and even get your kids to do chores! 

Detailed Worksheets & Planning Pages!

Homework, Reading, Weekly Goals, Behavior Charts! It's all included! When you purchase the Back to School Planner you'll get 30 easy to use pages to create a custom binder personalized to your life and your needs! 

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Designed for Busy Moms!

Our worksheets were designed by Moms just like you with multiple kids, busy schedules and a desire to thrive even in the midst of one of the busiest seasons of life! 

Use the Planner Pages to stay organized, plan ahead for shopping trips, projects and more! Doesn't that sound amazing???

Yes! I need to be more Organized!

Easy to Customize!

Our Build your Own Planner System allows you to customize your planner with the pages you need! 

You can print the entire planner, or choose specific pages that you need multiples of depending on how many kids you have! You get to build the planner that works best for you! 

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30 Pages of Customized Worksheets designed to help you get organized and simplify your busy routine! 


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When you purchase the Back to School Planner you will get Instant Access to all the Planning Pages so you can start getting organized now! Click on the button below to purchase your copy of the Back to School Planner now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our planner!

There are 30 different printable pages included with the Back to School Planner. You can print out each page as many times as you like. There are some pages you may only need one copy of, and others like the Daily Schedule that you want to print multiples of! 

YES! We actually knew you might want to customize your planner so there are 2 different designs included for one low price. You can choose from the Tropical Print (Shown) or the Striped Version. 

When you purchase The Ultimate Back to School Planner for Busy Moms you'll get 30 Printable Pages that you can use to organize everything from your kids activity schedule to school supply shopping, clothing, lunchboxes and so much more! 

Here's a list of all the pages included in the Back to School Planner! 

- Yearly Important Dates to Remember

- Monthly Calendar

- Monthly Habit Tracker

- Weekly Overview Color

- Weekly Priority Planner

- Weekly Meal Planner Color

- Daily Schedule Making the Most of Today

- Weekday Extracurricular Activity Schedule

- Weekend Extracurricular Activity Schedule

- Student Lunchbox Ideas Sheet

- Student Lunchbox Menu Planner

- After School Snack Ideas Sheet

- Student Snack Planner Color

- School Lunch Grocery Shopping List

- Ultimate Back to School Shopping List

- Child Apparel Inventory Color

- Back to School Budget

- Child Apparel Shopping List Color

- Cooler Weather Checklist and Budget

- Spring Break Ideas

- Childcare Information Sheet

- Classmate Contact Information

- Note for School

- Teacher Preferences

- Student Daily Routine Color

- Child’s Weekly Goal Sheet

- School Behavior Reward Chart

- Reading Log

- Homework Planner

- Student Project Planner Color

The easiest way to print the Back to School Planner is to go to and upload the pdf file, then you can print as many copies of the pages as you would like! I have found this is the most cost effective way to print the entire planner. If you just want individual pages you can print those easily at home. 

When you purchase the planner you get 1 file with all the pages together, and also each individual page so that it's easy to customize your binder. 

The Printable Pages are all 8 1/2" x 11" and fit within a normal 1" Binder and 3 hole punch. This makes it really easy to assemble everything together because you shouldn't have to buy any extra supplies!

Absolutely! You can print additional daily and weekly pages and use the planner all school year long! In fact, that's how it was designed, so that you can print the monthly, weekly, and daily pages you prefer and put them together in a notebook so that you have the pages you and your family use the most!

You will get instant access to the planner once you purchase through the website. It can sometimes take a few hours for the email to arrive, but as soon as your purchase is complete you can click here to log in and download your planner

Absolutely! If you want to save on ink just choose the Black and White Setting on your printer and all the pages should print just fine! The planner was designed to be printed in color or Black and White! 

You can Be Organized!

We Want to Help! Download the Passion For Savings Back to School Planner and Start Saving your Time, Money, and Sanity TODAY!!!


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