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12 Ways Busy People Save Money | eCourse

I can re-play the conversation in my head word for word… I meet someone who finds out that I use coupons, they tell me they have tried couponing but never saved any money so they gave up and now they just pay too much for groceries even though they really want to save. Or maybe it’s the mom who tells me she “Used to coupon” But then she got busy and always wishes she could go back. I have had this conversation countless times which is why I wanted to write a book that addresses the ways you can save with or without couponing, regardless of how much time you have.

If there is one thing that often holds people back from Saving Money it's the idea that they are too busy to save money. I can totally relate to that sentiment, As a working mom with 3 kids life flies by faster than I can keep up with. There are more days than I can count where my to do list goes un-done and I’m left wondering how I will get everything done.

When life gets busy often one of the first things to go is our budget, convenience often takes precedence over savings. Life gets overwhelming and instead of digging in and finding the strategies that are working best and eliminating all the rest most people just dump it all, pay full price and stress when the budget doesn’t balance at the end of the month. There has to be a better way, there has to be balance, and surely there’s an easier way to save!

That's why I created 12 Ways Busy People Save Money! 

I will show you exactly how I save money, the strategies I've ditched and the ones that I have kept as life has gotten busy and not only is savings a priority but time with my family as well. 

This Mini eCourse will walk you through 12 ways you can save money on a limited amount of time and let you choose which ones will work for you! Give one a try, or implement 3 or 4, the more you use the more you'll save! 

Here are just a few of the topics that I cover in depth:

  • Money Saving Apps I love
  • The Best Stores to Shop At Using Coupons
  • How I save 30%-50% on my Grocery Budget 
  • Which Coupons are worth using
  • How to save when you're shopping at the mall

I'll give you my personal strategies for savings, these are things I do each and every week to save money and you can too! 

You're probably wondering what's included, you'll get instant access to the following:

  • Full Length Presentation (over 1 hour long) on the 12 Strategies I use to save money.
  • Over 40 Page eBook with detailed information on each Strategy
  • Full Length Audio Version of the Presentation so you can listen on the go! 
  • Bonus Chapter: How to Save Money on Healthy Foods (Yes it's possible!) 

I'll also share with you how implementing systems have changed my life and give you some ideas on how to work simple time and money saving systems into your weekly routine! 

What are you waiting for? Start Saving Today! 


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